Certified cruelty free & vegan handmade soap, bath bombs & skincare | Free delivery on orders over £40

Our packaging

We pack our orders using card/paper based boxes, paper tape and packing peanuts!

Pop our packing peanuts in warm water and they will completely dissolve. You can even dip the ends in water and stick them together to make all kinds of fun things! 

We believe in reducing plastic packaging as much as possible. Every product that we sell in plastic packaging is recyclable in your household recycling bin. 

Our glass bottles with plastic droppers are also fully recyclable, just pop the glass components in your glass recycling bin and any plastic parts in your normal recycling bin.

Our soap bars and individual products will come wrapped in our branded wrapping paper, which is biodegradable and can be recycled.

Our labels and stickers are paper based, fully recyclable and do not contain any non recyclable plastic coatings or sealants. As a result, if they get wet, they may degrade over time.