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Almond angel bath bomb


Bathe in sweet bliss with our almond angel bath bomb! At The Soap Shop, we’ve captured the essence of pure indulgence in a single bath bomb, the almond angel bath bomb. Imagine a bath that isn’t just a bath, it’s a sweet escape, a fragrant retreat, and a celebration all rolled into one.

A tub of compassion.
we believe in making your bath time special, and that starts with our commitment to being palm oil free. Not only that, but our almond angel bath bomb is certified vegan and cruelty free by the Vegetarian Society and Cruelty Free International. So, you can revel in your bath without any worries.

A symphony of scents.
from the moment our almond angel bath bomb touches the water, it transforms your ordinary bath into an extraordinary sensory escape. The air is infused with the irresistible aroma of marzipan, toasted almonds, and a hint of birthday cake! It’s like being surrounded by the warm, comforting embrace of your favourite dessert. Delicious!

Gentle on your skin.
Baths should be soothing, not drying, and that’s exactly what our bath bomb offers. It’s formulated to be gentle on your skin, leaving it soft and supple. As your bath bomb fizzes and bubbles, it colours the water in a delightful hue, adding an extra layer of relaxation to your soak.

A celebration of relaxation.
There’s more to our almond angel bath bomb than just it’s enticing scent and skin friendly formula. It’s designed to turn your regular bath into a true celebration of relaxation. As it fizzes away, watch how the water transforms, and feel the day’s worries melt away, leaving you with nothing but good vibes.

Eco friendly, inside and out.
Our commitment to your well being extends to the well being of our planet. That’s why we’ve wrapped the almond angel bath bomb in eco friendly, recyclable packaging. Once your bath is over, simply toss the wrapping into your household recycling bin. It’s a small step towards a greener world.

A little celebration in every bath.
Whether it’s a quick escape from a busy day or a weekend indulgence, our almond angel bath bomb is here to make each bath a special occasion. The sweet, comforting scents of marzipan and almonds paired with the joy of birthday cake make every bath a unique and delightful experience.

Elevate your bath time ritual.
Transform your ordinary bath into a joyful celebration with our almond angel bath bomb. The cozy and delightful scents will envelop you, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a fragrant embrace that turns a normal bath into a special, relaxing experience.

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Aqua, Parfum, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Powder, CI19140, CI42090, CI17200, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Eugenol.
If irritation develops, discontinue use. In case of contact with eyes, rinse well with plenty of water and seek medical advice if irritation persists. DO NOT EAT. For external use only. Made in an environment which handles nuts.
Run a warm bath and step in, unwrap your bath bomb and drop it in the water, watch as it fizzes around turning your bath into a relaxing oasis.
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