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Philodendron white wave birkin


A rare beauty to add to your collection! The jungle-like, white striped, heart shaped leaves of the philodendron white wave will add interest to any room in your home.

Plant size: 35cm

Pot size: 12cm

Loves: Bright, indirect light, also happy in light shade

Water: Keep moist at all times, water when the top two inches of soil feel dry. Mist leaves once a week.

Care level: Easy

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Our philodendron white wave is a stunning, rare house plant with beautiful white striped, heart shaped leaves. It’s lush, leafy green and white colours will add interest and texture to any room!

Philodendrons like bright but indirect light and will also be happy in slight shade. Try to keep the soil slightly moist most of the time, water if the top two inches of soil feel dry. Your new philodendron would love a light mist once a week to keep it’s leaves in tip top condition. It’s an easy to care for house plant that really is worth a little effort to be rewarded with it’s jungle like appearance.

Plant size: 35cm

Pot size: 12cm

Please note that your philodendron will be delivered in it’s nursery pot, the white decorative pot is not included.


Do not eat. Keep away from babies, children and pets
Water once a week and keep fairly moist at all times. If the top two inches of soil feel dry, water your philodendron. Mist once a week to keep the leaves in great condition.
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